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Another Ally SD thread

Level 7

I was moving a steam game from my c drive to my SD card thru steam, and the system locked up. I had to do a reset as the device became unresponsive. When the system came back up after I restarted it, the device no longer recognizes when any sd card is inserted. I try a new card, an old card with data that is a known working card from another device, any sd card, none are recognized.

The sd reader still shows in device manager, if I remove it and search for changes in device manager, it sees it and adds it back. 

Has anyone had a similar issue? I shudder at the thought of having to send my ally in, as I have only had it a little over 2 weeks. Im curious if this is a hardware issue or software. I have made sure and reinstalled the sd card drivers. 


Level 8

Mine did the same

sent it back to asus waiting for it to be repaired but looking at email I got it doesn't go back to them they sent my device to a repair shop in Scotland 

I got a email back from them to say they waiting for parts from asus 

At the end of the day if these have known faults they should replace the device with a new one instead of waiting for new parts to be delivered 


I really am not excited at the prospect of having to send it in at some point since I just bought it, I hope the warranty will honor fixing it in a few months, I can live with it for the time being and would rather send it in when they have the parts, havee a solid understanding of the cause and a fix, and can get it back in a reasonable amount of time...

I had the exact same thing, it’s been in now over a week and waiting for parts. Whole new Motherboard as it can’t read SD cards anymore.