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Ally shuts down on direct sunlight

Level 7

I have a ROG ally for a week. Yesterday noticed that it'll shut down the moment it gets direct sunlight on the screen, full battery, temp outside was 20 degrees celsius and the console didn't feel warm at all on the back. It would turn on when going inside and plug it on the charger, wouldn't turn on without plugging it. I installed all updates and today is doing the same. Is this normal? Doesn't matter the power mode, would do the same on 10, 15 and 25W. Fans don't even start making noise before shutting down 


Level 9


There´s an intrusion switch. It´s purpose is to avoid turning on the console while the back is removed.


Maybe the back is not screwed all the way or something is missing(sponge - check the images on the post above). If something is missing, with strong direct sunlight, maybe the intrusion sensor gets some light and thinks that the back is removed, shutting the device and then you can only turn it on with the charger.


If you cannot find any issue or if you don´t want to open it, send it to warranty.

Level 9

Or you can do like the poster on reddit. Cover the sensor with electrical tape.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @madsmasher ,

Please try turning off the sleep/hibernate mode and enable instant performance information (square) before recording a video of the screen turning off when sunlight hits it, so we can further investigate. Thank you.