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Ally > Steam Deck Dock > Display Port > USB C cable does not work

Level 7

So my official Ally dock order is still waiting for stock (no idea when Germany will get any) and I am trying to use my Deck dock.

My Deck dock is connected to my monitor with a Display Port to USB C cable as the other ports on my monitor are used by other devices (HDMI for Mac Mini and Display Port for work laptop).

For various reasons I prefer not to change this setup, however I tested and the Dock with Ally works using HDMI to HDMI so looks like for some reason the Ally does not work with Display Port to USB C cable - it does not even detect a 2nd monitor connecting in Windows.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @dubsmachine ,

I kindly request you to test the functionality of using Display Port to Display Port and check if it is working properly. Thank you.