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Ally charging stops charging and doesnt recognize the original charger when it gets hot

Level 7

Ally charging stops charging and doesnt recognize the original charger when it gets hot. any fix on this?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nomad4679 ,

I'd like to further confirm your usage scenario. When you mention charging stops when it gets hot, do you mean the Ally stops charging when its temperature rises? Could you share with us approximately what temperature you observe? Additionally, when you mention it doesn't recognize the original charger, is this issue only with original chargers? Do you have any docks or hubs connected?

Have you updated the BIOS to the latest version and tried removing all external devices and power while the system is shut down, holding the power button for 30 seconds, then reconnecting the power and booting to see if it improves? If the issue persists, would you be able to provide a video for us to further investigate the phenomenon? Thank you.

Hey I also got a rog ally and my friend who just got one are having the same issue if you are playing at turbo when the internal temp. Reaches 86 ° it stops charging and even depletes the battery. But if you turn off the ally it starts charging. I'm using a manual profile with more heavy fan use so the top. Temp stays at 85% and it never stops charging  so I also think it's temp related 

Same issue on my side. Everything is fine and dandy. Then, i turn on a game, temps go up to about 90ish, stay there, but suddenly, the device stops charging. Charging LED is off. It does not recognize any charger after this happens as long as the device remains turned on. The only solution is to restart the device. Does not happen always, but seems to happen more often lately....

I did my own profile and increased the speed of the fans so the temperature rarely reaches more than 90°c and then it never stops charging. 

Changed the fan profile, same thing. After like 2 minuts of playing EAFC, it stops charging.