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64 hz

Level 7

So today after I get home from work I go to turn my rog ally on. I noticed that the on screen keyboard is smaller than usual, and the os feels laggy, and the brightness is a bit low. I go to settings to see what's the problem and I see that it is running at 64 hz and I cannot change it. I have tried to restart but that didn't help. 


Level 7

Edit I just tried playing Forza 4 on it while in 64 hz mode and it says I don't have dx12 when I was playing Forza last night

Even more of an edit: I EVEN UPDATED DRIVERS. Still 64 hz. Can't change it. I'm this close to selling it

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Tanooki6490 ,

To further confirm your issue, could you please share a screenshot of the system settings configured at 64Hz?
Additionally, have you updated the BIOS to the latest version 337 and used it while the power is connected? Thank you.

I have already factory reset the device. It is working just as fine now