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World of Warcraft (WoW) - lagging when run at hightest resolution (10)

Level 7
I just bought a ASUS ROG G20CB-B10 and an ASUS MX279H monitor,, hoping that I would be able to run WoW at it's highest resolution (like my brother can on his Mac), but I'm stuck running on GraphicsQuality=4. Like I said, the very reason I bought this PC was to be able to run this game at its highest resolution (GraphicsQuality=10).

Can anyone help me figure out if this is possible and if so, what tweaks I need to perform?

Hi o1sowise

Welcome to the ROG forum.

Your ROG pc has a gtx 970 so it should pIay WOW very well, if you're using antialiasing try turning it down or off.

What resolution are you playing at?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I'm not very technical. 😞
How do I tell how to answer both question? :confused:
Are these WOW or Windows settings, AND how to I tell what they are set to?

Both antialiasing and screen resolution should be listed in the game settings under graphics/video settings.


  • Screen Resolution is set to Custom, but when I click on the Custom button to see what is selected, none of the sub-options are selected.
  • Anti-aliasing is set to None

This may help you, there is a video too.

Click on advanced troubleshooting and there is a second video.

Let me know if this helped you.

Thanks for the pointers, unfortunately none have helped.

I read them all and followed many offshoot links and videos.
I've tried every suggestion they offered.

I've also tried changing WOW to run in 32-bit mode, no change.
I've also tried changing the video card settings from Balanced to Performance, no change. I also tried Quality, no change.

Other than opening a problem with WOW, which I should not have to do, I'm lost.
I'm tempted to return the PC and get a MAC.

: Do you think it's possible my problem is not the PC, or its settings, but the monitor (ASUS MX279H)?

Level 8
Yeah, that's pretty odd for an ASUS ROG G20CB-B10 not be able to handle World of Warcraft.
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