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Why do games crash so much on my laptop?! (ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T)

Level 7

I'm seeking your help because I'm facing a recuring problem that I just don't know how to try to fix anymore. My laptop is the ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16Go RAM, GeForce RTX 3070 8Go).
Basically, most games I try to play on my computer crash. After some time playing, the image freezes and a few seconds later, I'm back to desktop.
Far Cry 6, Forza Horizon 6, Batman Arkham Knight, DOOM Eternal, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry New Dawn,... Some of them have had less crashes and I've been able to finish them. Some of them (Far Cry 6...) I just gave up on because I couldn't advance anymore. Sometimes I can play an hour without crashes. Sometimes I'll start and after 10 minutes it crashes. I think the only game I had no crash on is... Football Manager. Which might indicate it's a graphical issue, maybe? FM doesn't require anything graphic-wise.

Before playing, I plug the laptop in, put the turbo mode in Armoury Crate and reboot the laptop.
I didn't do anything to the laptop (change anything or put any weird setup). Basically it's the computer as I bought it.
I updated my drivers. The graphic card driver is definitely updated (I know it's the most common answer given to people with crashes).
Games crash even in the lowest graphical settings. With or without vertical synchronization (I read some people can get issues with it).
I tried maxing everything in Armoury Crate ( (not that I understand any of it, but it crashed anyway)
I disabled the overlays in Steam, Geforce,...
I did a memory test, it says 100% health.
I read people who had a lot of crashes while running games on Turbo mode. So I did play in the middle mode (I think it's Performance in english). And it was fine for 4 gaming sessions! But I just got a crash in Forza Horizon 5... so I'm skeptical. I need more testing.

I asked on many different platforms, different companies (game developers, Nvidia,...), I still couldn't fix anything.

Someone told me to try to "turn off xmp/docp". But I couldn't find the option. I asked Asus and they told me their laptop doesn't support XMP so I guess turning it off isn't an option for me.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to play, but I can't. It's just disheartening when you get into it and it crashes, and that you know that if you relaunch the game, it will crash again.

What will that change??? One year hundred of complains in full family range... and no fix....

What Asus engineers dont know about that issue... they know... as Chris Rock says "Bush give a f***" same Asus reply We DONT giva a F... We know that for years....

Level 12

What CPU and GPU temperatures do you have when playing demanding games?

In case of problems, temperature monitoring is a priority.

Level 7

Strix 713RC runs very cool... not like my old GL552 that was giving me pain in left palm from 36C when browsing... indeed only 36C are enough to have bold pain in the palm and lower arm.

However Strix have other issues : Randomly freeing even no browsing or gaming... just opening new folder on ssd. Also having youtube crashing all the time... however asus engineers no have time for driver fix.

 The number of Asus forum members should speak loud for asus issues... no one will register or write here if there was no issues 🙂

Level 7

It's frustrating when your games keep crashing on your laptop, especially a powerful gaming model like the ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T. This is because your device is infected with a virus or malware or it seems possible that there is a bug or glitch in the game that causes it to crash. I play guys01 gaming stumble guys and haven't encountered any issue yet.

Level 7

Games can crash on your laptop for a variety of reasons, including hardware limitations, software conflicts, outdated drivers, overheating, and insufficient system resources. Here are some common factors that could be causing your games to crash:

  1. Hardware limitations: Your laptop may not meet the minimum system requirements for the games you're trying to play. This could include insufficient RAM, an outdated graphics card, or a slow processor.

  2. Software conflicts: Other programs running in the background could be conflicting with the game, causing it to crash. This could include antivirus software, system utilities, or even other games running simultaneously.

  3. Outdated drivers: Your graphics card, sound card, or other hardware drivers may be outdated, causing compatibility issues with the games you're playing. Updating these drivers can often resolve crashing issues.

  4. Overheating: Gaming can put a heavy load on your laptop's CPU and GPU, causing them to overheat. If your laptop doesn't have adequate cooling or if vents are blocked, it can lead to crashes. Using a laptop cooling pad or ensuring proper ventilation can help mitigate this issue.

  5. Insufficient system resources: If your laptop is running low on RAM or disk space, games may crash due to lack of resources. Closing unnecessary programs and freeing up disk space can help alleviate this problem.

Level 12

I played FarCry5 and FarCry6 without any problems on an MSI GL65 with an i7-9750H CPU and an nVidia GTX 1660Ti GPU, so there should be no problems with this on a computer twice as powerful. And if they are, then in my opinion, processors need more effective cooling.

Level 7

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