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Why do games crash so much on my laptop?! (ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T)

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I'm seeking your help because I'm facing a recuring problem that I just don't know how to try to fix anymore. My laptop is the ASUS STRIX-G17-G713QR-HG022T (AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16Go RAM, GeForce RTX 3070 8Go).
Basically, most games I try to play on my computer crash. After some time playing, the image freezes and a few seconds later, I'm back to desktop.
Far Cry 6, Forza Horizon 6, Batman Arkham Knight, DOOM Eternal, Far Cry Primal, Far Cry New Dawn,... Some of them have had less crashes and I've been able to finish them. Some of them (Far Cry 6...) I just gave up on because I couldn't advance anymore. Sometimes I can play an hour without crashes. Sometimes I'll start and after 10 minutes it crashes. I think the only game I had no crash on is... Football Manager. Which might indicate it's a graphical issue, maybe? FM doesn't require anything graphic-wise.

Before playing, I plug the laptop in, put the turbo mode in Armoury Crate and reboot the laptop.
I didn't do anything to the laptop (change anything or put any weird setup). Basically it's the computer as I bought it.
I updated my drivers. The graphic card driver is definitely updated (I know it's the most common answer given to people with crashes).
Games crash even in the lowest graphical settings. With or without vertical synchronization (I read some people can get issues with it).
I tried maxing everything in Armoury Crate ( (not that I understand any of it, but it crashed anyway)
I disabled the overlays in Steam, Geforce,...
I did a memory test, it says 100% health.
I read people who had a lot of crashes while running games on Turbo mode. So I did play in the middle mode (I think it's Performance in english). And it was fine for 4 gaming sessions! But I just got a crash in Forza Horizon 5... so I'm skeptical. I need more testing.

I asked on many different platforms, different companies (game developers, Nvidia,...), I still couldn't fix anything.

Someone told me to try to "turn off xmp/docp". But I couldn't find the option. I asked Asus and they told me their laptop doesn't support XMP so I guess turning it off isn't an option for me.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to play, but I can't. It's just disheartening when you get into it and it crashes, and that you know that if you relaunch the game, it will crash again.

If this happens every 10 minutes there may be some sort of hardware issue. I would send it to ASUS or exchange it with your retailer if you still can.
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It can happen after 2 minutes of playing, or after 40 minutes, or sometimes it doesn't happen

What tool did you use to perform the memory test? I tend to use HCI memtest. With the free version you can run multiple copies to fill up available memory and let it run overnight.
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

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I have the same exact problem with my PC (It's the same laptop model). It showed signs of trouble three days after I first used it.
I am not doing anything stupid with it and I use it for studying and gaming.
Quite often I require a break from studying and I do some gaming for a break, but I cannot because games crash. The error message blames the videocard itself or the driver.
What should I do, did you manage to repair the PC or should I remove this PC from my inventory and instead purchase a PC from ACER?
I reinstalled every single driver and reinstalled them again and performed a reset of the PC which is by now, 11 days old.
(Don't answer with: "Dedicate more time to studying" (or similar) because already I am top in class student)

I appreciate your help very much

Heating is a very common issue for a gaming laptop. Sometimes it heats up due to the lack of resources, while another time it just happens because of excessive gameplay.

Community Admin
Community Admin
This laptop has high specs, and so a lot of heat would be expected as veenajha3200 mentioned. In the original post, it was mentioned that the laptop ran without issues for longer after changing the mode from Turbo to Performance, this would indicate that it may likely be a heating issue.

A few points to consider:
Place the laptop on the desk, not on the bed or anything soft - some of the air vents may be blocked/suffocated.
Clear some space around the laptop, is hot air trapped around the laptop?
For testing purposes, turn up the aircon or place a fan nearby and see if there's a difference.
Does the laptop crash without a heavy load? Only open documents and such without background processes running.
If only certain games crash, check online to see if others are facing the same issue and is the driver a possible root cause.
Check your game video settings, Try lowering the detail settings (anti-aliasing, etc.)
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I had the same problem you are describing and found my villain in the end. Terrible software and fan control.

I'm not an expert on this, but this worked for me.

You need to update all your drivers, all of them! If you have an AMD CPU, you need AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition. You also need MyAsus.

Plug in your laptop and start the Armoury crate.

From the Home Page, select Manual mode. This is not available on battery only. Now comes the fun part. You have to manually set the overclocking for the CPU and the GPU (there are two tabs you need to switch between) and fan speeds at different temperatures. You will need to experiment a bit, so start low on voltage and high on fan speed and work your way from there.

I set the voltages to half the "preset values" and set the fans so that 80 Celsius pushes the fans to 90%, 90 Celsius pushes the fans to 100%.

You can safely set all fans to 0 up to 60 Celsius, but again, I'm not an expert.

To get the manual mode actually going, you need to activate it. You should get a warning to not destroy your laptop.

The hardware is great, it's just that the software is not great.

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ive been facing same prob but with tuf dash f15 i7 11th gen rtx 3050 1tb ssd 16 gb ram . did u get any solution ? bc this customer service is taking ages to understand my prob


Create a post in ROG Care under the correct section, and provide as much detail as possible about the behaviour.

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