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What’s been your favorite game recently?

Level 7
Hello everyone. This is a non-technical thread because I want ro bring up a more open topic. So, what has been your favorite game lately? I’m starving for new cool games.

Level 12
I have several favorites, but I would say Grid Legends and IL 2 Sturmovik

Maybe it's a bit generic, but Apex Legends has been really fun for me for the last while. Definitely a lot of fun with friends.

I've been playing Cyberpunk 2077 for a couple days now. The game has grown on me. I have over 62 hours into and only 14% done so far. Looking forward to many more hours 🙂

I play Minecraft all the time.

Level 7

I play a lot of Kingdom Two Crowns on PS4 and iPad, especially the Norse Lands variation. More often than not I play on peaceful mode and simply enjoy building stuff and its soundtrack.

Level 7

oh, definitely stardew. i've currently had a HUGE stardew obsession and i can't be dragged away from my switch while i'm playing.

Level 7


I've recently been enjoying 'StarQuest Adventures.' It's been a fantastic way to unwind and have some fun in my free time. The gameplay, graphics, and overall experience have been captivating, and I find myself looking forward to it every time I have a moment to spare. Also CCSP Certification

Level 7

Megaman 6. I used to play it all the time and would do self challenges with only using the regular buster, power suit, or rush jetpack suit to go through the entire game!

Level 7

Minecraft all the way, the cool techniques to of building, thats my favorite thing. I can show creativity. One more thing is building online minecraft circles, using any online minecraft circle generator tool.