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What is your favorite game?

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Level 7
Nate152 wrote:
Right now mine is still Far Cry 3. minecraft gratuit

My favorite game is stuck between Far Cry 3 and Civilization 5

Level 7
Don't stray to far from BO2, BF4, CSGO etc... Did buy a 3rd 780ti for the Racing SIM I'm putting together, One for each monitor..... Maybe racing will be as fun

Level 7
mmo: world of warcraft, the elder scrolls online and final fantasy ARR are at the top of my list for now.
Fps: Has to be BF4 atm tho I am loving Far cry 4 and its jaw dropping goodness graphics wise 🙂
Racing: Not really that much into it but if I was to pick one it would be Grid: auto sport again amazingly realistic game.
Strategy: Hum have a few in this category, Mainly C&C series but Age of empires & Age of Mythology are also up there.

Level 7
Watch_Dogs! Then Titanfall......then Assassin's Creed.....then Far Cry......then Star Trek: Klingon Academy
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Level 7
Total War!

Level 7
My favourite game is Skyrim. I always seem to go back to it.

Aside from that my favourite game from this year I have played was Wolfenstein: the new order

My new favorite game is now Far Cry 4. Lots more stuff to gather and do, much better side quests than far cry 3. The GPS in the vehicles is a nice addition along with the karma events. Flying around in the helicopter is fun, you can ride elephants too. The game play is a lot like far cry 3 with a different story and atmosphere. Graphics are better and is a little more demanding than far cry 3. The water looks a lot better.

This is a game you definitely get your moneys worth. I played it around 35 hrs so far and I'm only about half way through it. You're not going to play and finish this game in 8 - 12 hours.

Level 12
3DMark - Wolfenstein The New Order - quake
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Level 7
World of Warcraft, recently started playing it and love it so far 😄
And one that is not an MMO would be Deadpool!

Good one!

RogueNote wrote:
World of Warcraft, recently started playing it and love it so far 😄
And one that is not an MMO would be Deadpool!