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What is your favorite game?

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Level 7

My votes goes to Final Fantasy 9 one of the best game ever i played in my life

Level 8

手機遊戲:真三國無雙•霸、天天玩樂園、暗黑破壞神3、Magic Rampage、Soul Knight、Dan The Man、KartRider: Drift、血咒之城:暗夜儀式、死亡细胞

Level 7

Really hard to pick just one, but maybe Witcher 3

Level 7

Grand Theft Auto V 

Level 8

All time fav-

Bleach Brave Souls, Bombastic Brothers, and Bullet League.


Level 8

Hello, everyone. My favorite game has always been Counter Strike (CS 1.6 Download). I remember back when everyone did not have computers at home and my friends and I would go to special game rooms and play team vs. team. It was so exciting. We could play all night long without stopping. And everyone's main dream was not to have to go to school, but to be able to play all day long.

Level 7


Level 7

i love poe 

Level 7

I love Path of Exile most. Path of Exile has surpassed its predecessors in the realm of ARPGs. Despite being free-to-play, Grinding Gear Games has set a high standard by consistently releasing new league content every three months, ensuring that players return time and time again. It is a game designed to be enjoyed indefinitely. I am waiting for Path of Exile 2 and may need PoE 2 Orbs at that time.

Path of Exile offers a single-player story mode, but you never feel isolated as you encounter numerous other players in town, all on their own journeys to uncover the secrets of the forsaken land, Wraeclast. The game revolves around intricate character customization, the thrill of discovering valuable loot, character progression, and much more. However, it comes with a significant learning curve due to its complex skill trees and challenging league mechanics. Yet, I believe these are the very aspects that make Path of Exile so captivating - the vast depth of knowledge to acquire and explore never fails to enchant me.

Level 7

Deus Ex - Human Revolution