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What is your favorite game?

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Level 40

Level 13
Heroes of might and magic series.

i know i know. 😛
no siggy, saw stuff that made me sad.

Level 7
I'm playing through Ghost Warrior 2 for the untold time 🙂
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Level 10
Currently I am waiting for Diablo 3 ROS (PC) to be released.
So in the meantime I am really hooked on Euro Truck Sim2 (PC)
Fun driving sim got it from Humble bumble for a six dollar donation.
All I play are PC games.
Happy ROG_n


Level 7
just started on RIFT like 40 hours ago.. looks like a game i can get hooked on 😛

Level 9
I haven't found one that was as much fun as the original CS zombie mods... Old, but was good!

Level 10
Just started playing a game called Insurgency, Steam only, PC only (no console port 😉 ) It is not as slow as ARMA and not as run and gun as COD/BF. I cut my online gaming teeth with CSS and this is a lot like it, but not as claustrophobic. You have to secure objectives, and if you die you only respawn if your team secure the next objective. There is a lot of squad play and peaking round corners to make sure the way is clear before proceeding. I have only played the coop v AI where 8 of you are human against BOTS. Watch your team mates backs and proceed as a squad to the next objective. Cover cover cover is the name of the game, and if supressed you have 2 options wait for them to reload then have a go, or if on comms, get your team mate to try and get you clear.
£11.99 on Steam at the moment, and IMO way better than BF4.
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Win 8 Pro x64

Level 10
Toughest question ever. 3-way tie between KSP, TF2, and Burnout Paradise.
Say hi to the next generation.

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Level 11
of all times H.L.