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Severe frametime spikes

Level 7
After installing the latest nvidia driver 399.24, my system developed an issue that stayed even after I rolled back the driver and even tried another version. Only playing 2 games right now (Strange Brigade and Vermintide 2) and they used to play nearly stutter free, but now I experience very hard hitches where the frametime spikes a ton. MSI afterburner shows 2 things occurring that may be involved, but I have no deep knowledge. No load limit and voltage limit seem to flux or peak when these hitches/frametime spikes happen. I read that psu could be involved, but hwinfo shows strong rails and steady flow although physically my unit does have a lot of coil whine lol. Haven't tried a lot yet other than drivers, but I'm clueless about what the issue might be. DPC issues on my pc too, but they were present in testing even before these spikes started happening so that short coming may not be involved.

Any idea of testing methodology and suggestions and is there anything else I can provide that may help someone to help me with this? Thank you!