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ROG Zephyrus Sudden severe FPS drops

Level 7
I bought a asus ROG laptop last month and it is encountering problems since then
when I play some game at medium settings the fps suddenly drops to unplayable condition and then after few seconds it becomes normal
i have made a video of it. i do not know how to fix it so please help
this is happening to all games, for few days this issue didnt show up but it is up again and this time more severe.

ryzen 7 3750
16 GB Ram

cpu runs at 75-85 degrees

this is the video better understanding my issue

Level 8

I bough Zephyrus M16 2022 rtx 3060 i7-12700H
still same, stuttering like hell every few seconds
this is so **bleep** annoying, idk i think every ROG laptop have same issue
hello ASUS? why are you silent about this problem that has been happening in many of your ROG laptop products?
this is annoying, I even play old school games using a large charger with the lowest graphic settings it's still stuttering! wtf man

Level 9


I had this exact same issue on a ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 with a 6900HX, 32 GB RAM and 3080Ti GPU.

The issue appeared after I upgraded the graphics drivers from the Nvidia web site (latest version at the time).

After re-installing the original graphics driver from the Asus support website the issue went away and performance was back to a smooth buttery gaming experience 🙂 These drivers are older, but they do work properly. I have lodged a query with Asus on this but have not received a response as yet.

It would seem that the Generic Nvidia drivers are not managing the power flow in some/all of the Asus laptops. With the generic drivers installed they allow the GPU to overdraw on the power & then the GPU itself limits the FPS for a few which point the process repeats itself....over and over again....

I tried uninstalling all the Asus software (including armoury crate) and even disabling the support for asus software in the bios to see if a clean installation of the generic drivers would work - but it made no difference.

Let me know if the original drivers work for you?