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ROG Maximus XIII Hero Thuderbolt USB NOT working?

Level 7
A new upgrade with the Maximus XIII Hero and Intel Core i9-11900K CPU. I am showing 6 '!' device problems with this MB? One of them is when I plug in my Oculus Quest 2 into the Thunderbolt 4 USB Type C socket and it shows as 'unknown device' in Device Manager? I have downloaded and installed the Thunderbolt drivers, but it is still causing a problem. I never had any problems with my previous MB an Asus Maximus VIII Hero, and the Oculus Quest 2 worked perfectly with this. I am regretting upgrading to this new MB. Help Please!

You might want to grab the chipset drivers from the ASUS website. Sometimes when changing motherboards you might end up with some things missing. If you cannot get it working any other way it might be easier to use the Windows reset feature and start fresh but generally that shouldn't be necessary.
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Hi, I second to that issue.

As you know XIII hero has 3 USB-C ports. 2 at the back 1 at the front. Strangely the back USB-C ports does not see my HP Reverb G2 VR headset whereas the front USB C port does not have this issue. I also checked whether the back ports are working or not with a USB-C hub and they are ok with the hub, but not ok with the HP Reverb G2.

By the way, my Win 10 install is fresh, all chipset drivers ok and BIOS is 0605. (I have an i7-10700 so I did not upgraded it to 0707 since it seems it's for the 11th gen processors)

I'll be glad if that works out since I had to use one of the needed USB ports at the back and I specifically bought XIII HERO because of its USB-C port usage for my VR headsets.

Best regards.