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Rog gl553vd games crashing

Level 7
Dear friends,

I have a new ASUS ROG GL553VD,

I am experiencing crashes on all the games ive tried running (CSGO, heroes of the storm, OW etc.)

I installed clean version of win10, got all drivers up to date, SFC scan came out fine, disabled antiviruses/all other programs on startup and issue still persists.

Few days ago I discovered that the CPU is by default overclocked to 3.8, so I disabled turbo boost to 2.8 - still crashed, underclocked via power options to 2.2 and lower to same results.

Also the BIOS that comes with the machine is total crap, u can literaly do nothing there.

Can someone who is generally more experienced, or someone with similar issues please advise if there is some fix to my situation? I contacted asus support and awaiting response, but wanted to consult on forums with the people also.

I will provide what is needed of me, if need be.

Thanks and take care

Bushido Brown, second of his name