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ROG B550-F Wifi2 Crashes

Level 7

Hello all...

I`ve recently bought a new motherboard the ROG- Strix B550-f Wifi 2. 

(System rog b550f- wifi 2 - Gskill 16 gig ram 2x8 - Ryzen 5 5600x - 2nvme 1tb ssd  water coorler 3600 mm for cpu - 850 watt gold PSU - ultrawide monitor 34 inch)

Ive been haviing crashes on games using my RX6800xt..SO i updated my amd drivers and it still presisted.

Couple off things are really bugging me at this point: 

1: On the ASUS website the chipset driver is and on the amd website its

After updating bios and chipset to higehst one, i got multiple crashes including 5 hard resets wich i could not even get in to BIOS.

I used DDU and deleted all AMD drivers, and used the Chipset drivers wich are on the ASUS website..

after this installed one previous version of AMD drivers. Started playing Horizon and after 30 min, blackscreen all unresponsive and needed a Hard reset multiple times.

What is going on...? i dont know where to look or how to fix this. after multiple hard resets even WIndows is shwing error messages.