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PUBG controls

Level 7

I have this problem on my Ally where in playing PUBG with the controller and if a tap left on my right analog stick it fires my weapon. Any idea how to fix this?



That's definitely an inconvenient problem 😮

Does this issue happen in any other game, or is it just PUBG?

I'll have to check to be specific but I definitely had it in another game. Might have been Quake.

I have tried other community uploaded control schemes available on Steam but then the controls get really wacky.  Unfortunately I don't have a docking station yet to test if an external controller has the same issue.


Have you tried some kind of gamepad input tester to see if there's anything weird going on?

Unfortunately I don't have an ROG Ally on hand to check if this site works for the Ally, but I've used this for Xbox controller inputs in the past to check if the buttons are all working:

This would be a good way to check if there's anything funny going on with the hardware registering unintended inputs.


Also, could you share how your controls are mapped? (one thing to try--if you change what button firing is mapped to, does that stop the unintended firing?)

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the tester and no additional buttons were triggering.  I know that changing the mapping does stop the anomaly but I haven't tried remapping the keys myself. I have only used community shared profiles. Just strange that it happened in two completely different games.