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Problem with gtx titan sli

Level 7
ok i have this problem with sli at most of games i dont have any problems but in Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor i see slight of improvement on FPS when i disable sli i get around 50s to 64s fps when i enable sli i get from 72 fps to 84 fps everything on ultra 2560 x 1440 not what you would expect with sli titans right ?

in the wicher 3 another story

when i disable sli from 34 to 40 fps when i enable sli 34 to 40 with everything on ultra 2560 x 1440

please help what could be the problem my cards or what ?

PS: cpu overclocked to 4.7 via Gaming profile through asus rampage iv bios it has like few profiles for overclocking i chose the gaming one tell me if its bad idea 🙂

edit: i did remove the latest driver using DDU and reinstalled it i seen slight improvement in Shadow of mordor but same for the witcher 3 same fps with sli enabled and disabled

CPU 3960 I7 extreme edition ( overclocked through gaming profile which is 4.7)
Motherboard asus rampage iv Extreme
Sli Titan Hydrocopper
power supply Evga Supernova Nex 1500
Ram 4x8gb = 32gb corsair Dominator 2400MHZ
and i have a good custom loop

Level 14
go to the witchers home page and ask/see if they support sli.

og a quick google on if other ppl have the same problem.

Level 40
New Nvidia driver out today with added/updated SLI support for TW3 353.30