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Poor performance RVEdition 10-Titan X 3 way SLI

Level 7
Hi guys,

I recently rebuilt my system after upgrading (slightly) from a Rampage V Extreme to an Edition 10. Specs are:

Rampage RVEdition 10
5960X oc'd to 4.5 stable
32gb Domi Plat (2x16)
3x Titan X OC 3 way SLI GPU
950 Pro SSD
AX1500i PSU
2xWD Black Cav 3TB HDD
h110i cooler
WIN 10 64bit

Previously I was running 3 Sony 50" LCD's in surround at 1920x1080. I've now updated to 3 x LG 32GK850G 2560x1440 monitors and this is where my problem has started.
Without Surround enabled my GPU's idle at 135Mhz and 405Mhz mem clock. When I enable Surround the clocks immediately jump to 912 & 3305 (max). When I run Valley benchmark I get framerate of 15 to 70fps with really poor performance and a score of sub 2000. Lowering of settings makes little to no difference.
iRacing is very similar. Framerate is maxed at 90ish with no one else on the track regardless of graphics settings and becomes almost unplayable with others on the track.

-I've tried removing drivers with DDU and downgrading back to what I know worked with my other monitors
-I've run benchmark with and without SLI and Surround (1 monitor and 2 way SLI got me 100fps but still a sub 3500 score)
and slight stuttering)
-run Precision X with K Boost
-tried without CPU OC
-removed and reseated the GPU's
-EZ Plug is populated
-Checked Slow Mode is off and 3 way SLI switch is in correct position
-checked BIOS GEN 3 Pcie or auto is selected
-run monitors from 1 GPU and 3 GPU's
-run Furmark3D with low fps as well

Any help or advice would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance