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PG27AQN 25” mode does NOT work in Valorant

Level 7

Valorant seems to stretch the image to the full 27" instead of cropping like other games do. The 25" mode does not work in Valorant at all. I'm disappointed by this because this monitor was advertised as a great monitor for Valorant and the 25" mode was also heavily advertised. Would love to get a resolution to this since this appears to be the only game that doesn't work with the 25" mode.



Hello DavieTi,

Does trying different resolutions in the game settings get you a proper picture?

Have you tried windowed/borderless mode?


I have tried 1332p and 1080p, neither work. As far as windowed mode, I have not tried it. I don’t normally play games in windowed mode since that inherently enables v-sync which adds input latency. All other games I try work in 25” mode in fullscreen, so it is only an issue in Valorant.


 What is the aspect ratio and native resolution of your 25" monitor?

Since the issue is only with Valorant, it's possible Valorant doesn't support the aspect ratio and native resolution of your 25" monitor.

If you're using an Nvidia graphics card, in the Nvidia Control Panel, you can try playing with the DSR Factors setting or creating a custom resolution.

Be aware, when trying higher resolutions with the DSR Factors setting, this will put a hit on performance.

Check all the boxes for Legacy scaling, click apply, then open Valorant and check the game settings to see the different/higher resolutions. Try a few different resolutions and see if any give you a proper picture.

DSR Factors.png




I appreciate your response. I am using the native 16:9 25” mode that is provided with the PG27AQN. The resolution is something like 2368x1332 and it is supposed to crop the image down to a 25” size. Valorant stretches the frame out to 27” instead.

Note that this is not normal. Games like CS:GO and MW2 properly crop the image to 25”. It may be an issue with Valorant, but this is something that Asus should work with them to fix imo. Especially considering Valorant is explicitly used in the marketing of this monitor.

Level 7

I wanted to update the thread since I have found a solution. Changing the Nvidia control panel setting for display scaling to "No Scaling" has fixed my issue.

Level 7

I want to re-open this topic because I have found that my above solution comes with a huge problem. The monitor doesn’t detect the resolution correctly, and instead reports that the monitor is displaying at 1440p 144hz. I tested with the reflex analyzer and found the input lag to be much higher in this mode and this leads me to believe that the scaling is off in this game. This does not occur in CS:GO and the monitor properly reports 1332p 360hz.

If other games are displaying correctly, then the issue seems to be with Valorant.

I might try windowed/borderless or windowed/fullscreen.

Or, you can contact Riot Games to see if they have a solution. If you're unable to find a solution, you can submit a ticket.

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