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Overwatch - Rendering Device Lost - Strix RTX 2080 OC

Level 8
so not sure about others, but my friend and I built our machines about 4 months apart with everything identical but the Motherboard. Mine kept crashing non- stop only on overwatch and I've tried every trick in the book. (multiple versions of windows 10 (1803-current) underclocking over clocking, (its a rog Strix 2080 8gOC) so factory OC) This latest renaming to overwatchtest.exe seemed to help greatly and i was finally able to play a bit without any crash. All that being said he would play without issue and i would continue to have the RDL error. So I came across another forum of people having similar issues and someone mentioned checking the video bios. Sure enough my card was 2 versions older than my buddies, I upgraded it to one version newer than him (just came out last month), reset all my settings to match his and I've been stable for the last day, will play more this weekend, but something i would advise investigation on.
for the dev's:

My vbios was running Version: 90.04.0B.80.03
RTX2080 VB Ver 90.04.0B.40.AS11,

My buddies machine vbios is running: Version:
RTX2080 VB Ver

I am running now: Version:
RTX2080 VB Ver

i will continue to play this weekend but at this point i've reverted all the GPU Profiles to default in the nvida control panel and my game settings are basically at a default of High (i'm playing on a 1440p/144hz, and i'm showing around 155fps )

I don't recommend updating your bios without research, but all the needed tools i found were on techpowerup so good guides and reasons. I was not able to find any direct vbios upgrades on Rog/asus support site or for the card. but so far i've already seen more stability so i'm hopful.

Level 7
how can see which bios was for 0db or for gaming bios because strix have two bios with switch button??!!