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New PG278QR getting 143HZ instead of 140Hz Why? Please help

Level 7
hello community

i had an ASUS PG278Q, everything was fine but i have some ghosting and asus give me back my money, now i bought the new PG278QR, and in all games i get a maximum of 143hz or 119hz and so on, in window mode the refresh rate is 144hz, so my question is, how do i solve this....i can tell you that im an advanced user, i have my nvcp configured to work with my GTX980M, i have a Clevo P771DMG with an i7 6700k and 32 of ram
thank you in advance

Level 7
I also have a new PG278QR (Less than 1 week) and have some very erratic results.

I am running the PG278QR on an Nvida GTX970 on the Display port. I struggled the first couple of days getting it calibrated. In windows I was getting 144HZ and 144PFS. When I would play games the FPS would drop to as low as 30 and never quite 144. It wasn't steady either, constantly bouncing all over the place. I kept playing with the Nvidia control panel using setting suggested by others. I had my secondary monitor connected to the HDMI port at 60mhz. I finally hit the sweet spot and by disconnecting the secondary montitor. I played for a few hours at a steady, constant 144PFS in full screen mode. I didn't think the secondary monitor should cause any problems so I reconnected it. Then the FPS jumped all over the place again. So I disconnected it, but the erratic behaviour is back. It causes ghosting and stuttering on my screen. So bad sometimes when the FPS drops below 30 that gameplay is no longer fun. If I can't solve this soon I will be sending the monitor back.

Can anyone point me to the optimal performance settings for Nvdia Control panel for the PG278QR? Any other suggestions?

Also, why would connecting a seconday monitor cause problems? I don't think it did since I don't have it connected and I am still having issues. I am just curious.


Level 7
I found some solutions, cause here the lak of information is brutal.

The problema is in the Nvidia driver, it causes lag when G-Sync is on, the only stable version of the driver that i found was the 378,66, install this version and the lag is gone

Nvidia knows about the issue and is working on it, they told me that.

Thanks for the help and suggestions. It is much appreciated.

I am really new to high end gaming. I have always played here and there but now have really tried to optimize settings and get the most of the hardware. So I do have a question, I am not sure what to expect

When playing high graphics games, like first person shooters (In this case Rainbow Six Siege) should your FPS stay steady throughout the game or fluctuate? If its supposed to fluctuate, how wide a range? If its supposed to be steady and its not, is it the GPU, Monitor, Software/Settings etc..?

I am beyond frustrated. I tried you suggestion and rolled back to the older driver. I actually got much worse performance. I dropped down to 50FPS and had a lot of chop and tear. It was unplayable. So I went through some other older drivers with mixed results. Eventually I went back to the latest driver.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, when I first started with the PG278QR I was getting a steady 144FPS. I plugged in my 2nd monitor and then the FPS was all over the place. I unplugged it again and it is still all over the place. I can't get back to that steady 144FPS. I am wondering if thats unrealistic. Maybe it is supposed to vary.

I have tried even setting all the graphic settings to the lowest available and its still fluctuates when playing. I opened a ticket with ASUS and they told me its the monitor and to RMA it. Its brand new, less than a week old. I can still return it for a full refund. I would do that before doing an RMA on a brand new monitor.

I decided to upgrade to a GTX1080 from my GTX970. It should arrive tomorrow. If that doesn't improve the situation I will return the ROG monitor and try another brand.

Any more suggestions are helpful, they #1 question I have is still at the top, should FPS fluctuate or be steady in game play?


Put in the new gtx1080 today. Performance is obviously improved. Still getting a wide range of FPS in game play though.

I am new to higher end gaming. Is that normal or should FPS be really steady? Especially with a card like the 1080. I am starting to feel like the PG278QR may be faulty.