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New fresh - ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 - unstable fan on games - need help - stabilize etc

Level 7
hello, first, sorry about my talk, I'm not native English

I have a fresh new PC bought ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 , after burning my old asus vista that held 10 years .

the problem is the crazy fan on a lot of games , I know very well that a fan has to turn, but it's completely crazy the speed of a minute .

on old games like hellgate london or diablo 3 or even skyrim , the fan goes up high , and on others like black desert , ride of icarus or tera , it is completely abusive .

on a scale of 0 to 5 , 0 being the speed of rest , most of the time the fan is between 3 or 4 or about 60/80% , I had even peaks at 100% before I left avast on blak desert .

I do not find it too normal I think that the fan does not need to turn as much as all the games I have the parameters almost all in low .

i really need some help to stabilize or set up this gaming PC that has to turn like a rocket , leaves me a bitter taste , when we go from 28 active services and 18 memory uses on my old vista has more than 150 services and 33 of memory used on a gaming PC I remain speechless .

I hope to have some help to try to relieve this PC games so that it finally runs without this fan is thoroughly, if it continues like his I wonder how long the fans will last before replacing them . 😞

Level 8
Have you tried updating your BIOS Firmware? I know it improves "System Stability"
" The speed of the fallen one does not change..."


TimeLion724 wrote:
Have you tried updating your BIOS Firmware? I know it improves "System Stability"

well the pc is new and all patch versions is ok

ii make auto and i check with tis menu

i show you the menu nvidia perhaps is not goud miss anything ? i upgrade all vesrion with gforce experience not with normal nvidia panel

and modes for game eat less energie - game mod on - baterie less energie active and all mods games on GeForce experience are full low or litle up

i have try put off many apllications , but im sure i have a mass services actives and im scared try put manual or desactive

i know the graphic processors turn high , but is not normal the fan turn 60/80% on many games on low parameters

I would have hoped that someone who bought the same computer helps me; knowing it could be that it would cone the worries after buying it and be brand new, and that it goes the same problems of settings like me

it's really disappointing to have these unstable fan problems on a let's say pc gamer

it also seems that the ROG_game mode is not installed on the pc , useful or not seen that I already use geforce nvidia experience ?