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Need some help - What Gaming headsets work well with G75VW's?

Level 7
I just picked up a pair of Razer Kraken Pro's and they are amazing comfort wise but the mic is garbage; I can't tell if it is broken or if it just sucks. Anyway, I used to have a cheap pair of plantronics and they worked fine for a long time until they broke last night.

Any advice on gaming headsets that work with the g75vw? Reason I ask is because I know there have been issues with drivers and the sound cards on these.

I am looking for something under $80 as that is my budget right now that works with the G75, is not made cheap, and doesn't pick up everything on the mic.


First try exchanging the Krakens or testing them on another PC. You don't want to be stuck with them if they really are broken.

I don't have a G75 so I can't give you a specific reference but my Steelseries 5Hv2 served me well for many years on my G73.
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In what way does the mic suck? Is there a lot of noise coming from it or is it just quiet?
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The mic does not work on any of the three PCs (two windows/one mac) I tried them on. The mic is broken. However I have been reading that people are having nothing but problems with them. They are a great comfort and feel, but the mic is either broken or needs heavy amplification on most PCs, g75's in particular.

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@Sihte My brother uses an Asus G75VW also (I have a G74SX) and i bought him a pair of Razer Kraken Pro's as a gift, but when he tried it the mic quality was aweful. All you get is terrible static and a faint sound of your voice. I tried to use it in my G74SX and it was even worse! Then i
had the idea to try to plug it into my phone and go on teamspeak to test it, and what do you know without the splitter it works perfectly! It's
beautiful! so I've narrowed the problem to being the way the splitter is wired for use with the kraken Prp or possibly the pin on the heaset it's
self. I can plug my Razer BlackShark into the same splitter on either computer and it works perfectly, so the problem isn't the splitter it's self but the wiring configuration doesn's work with (ASUS G75VW/G74SX + Razer Kraken Pro + audio splitter) but
(ASUS G75VW/G74SX + Razer BlackShark + audio splitter) does work and (Razer Kraken Pro/BlackSkark + iphone) also works.

to sum it all up the Razer Kraken Pro isn't compatible with an ASUS G75VW or G74SX for some stupid reason, when a different headset and
the same splitter will work.
Razer should hire a new wiring engineer -.-

Level 7
so I am now looking for a good headset for gaming, and i see that the razer is not the one for me (g75vw).

so what other ones are out there? I am tired of being told that only turtle beach is good,

also can PC use wireless? i can not find any definite answer.

Level 10
My bro has a Asus G75-VW same as mine and hes jus picked up a pair of these badboys -

Comes with an external soundcard and the quality is just on another level..