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Need input?

Level 12
Hi all,
Anyone playing the division?
*Reason being I’m looking for something new ! So just ordered devision2 and signed up for the beta, in the hope it could be an interesting experience?
Any other recommendations?:)*

Level 14
I am guessing that you must have successfully repaired your GPU?

Level 12
Sorry Menthol, I wish I could say yes but alas it’s now going to another specialist for a major op.
When ic blew it took out part of the board! And two pads, they need to rebuild track and pads,, sad day, self inflicted and it’s going to cost, how much! They have yet to let me know.
So at the minute I am running with the 980ti, it still runs games fine but just in case I get bad news from the surgeons I’ve pre ordered a 2080ti, so could end up with Titan V in one rig and 2080ti in the other lol, WHICH ONE TO PLAY ON??
Will let you know how it goes with the Titan.**

Level 12
Hey just an interesting point here!
As you know the Titan is out of action, so I put my 980ti strix in rig temporary.
I spent a night gaming, several games including 5 hrs of the devision at 147fps, I could not understand why gpu was running at 68deg,, then realised all game settings were on max from running the Titan v .
Eventually I dropped settings down a notch, now gpu at 45deg but I did not notice a difference in gaming quality??huh, I would have at least expected the game to be a bit glitchy, but no visual difference between Titan and 980ti or in performance.(at least from what I could tell?)
Been thinking about that all day as to me it doesn’t make sense!***

Level 40'll ruin everything! You must upgrade....old gpu is a pixellated mess compared to must have 20X SSAO and 1289XTXAA enabled or else! Oh and hairworx...and er...crumbs we can run 4K at ultra settings on our cards....quick what do we do....umm...RayTracing that's it....errr if it's not RayTraced it's not worth playing! Quick...change GTX to RTX so it immediately makes everything old and invalid...where are the 8K 2000MHz monitors!

Level 12
Hahahahaha oh sh*t! Cats out of the bag now.
I shall crawl back under my stone and hide from fallout.