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My-end Pc is having some big problems

Level 7
Hi everyone, I have had my new custom built PC for less than a month and I am experiencing some unacceptable problems. Every time I play a game I am getting a very large amount of stuttering, even on low settings. The funny part is my gpu is an asus 780ti. This problem occurs on games such as Titanfall, Battlefied 4, Assassin's Creed 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Dead Space 3. The majority of my PC is asus products, so I would like to know if anyone has any advice.

My New Computer
MOBO: Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
CPU: I7 4930k 3.4hz base clock
RAM: 16 gigs corsair vengance pro 1866hz
Monitor: Asus VG248QE 1080p resolution 144hz
OS: windows 8.1 64 bit

My old PC (Prebuilt by asus, 2013 TYTAN G30 ab)
GPU: 660 water cooled
MOBO: z87 pro (dont know exact name)
CPU: I7 4770k 3.5 base clock
Ram: 16 gigs of no name ram, 1600hz
Monitor: Same as above
OS: Same as above

It is pretty high end so I am wondering why I am getting this constant stuttering. By the way I have the latest graphics driver 344.11 and every other driver up to date as well.

Note: My old pc could run all these games perfectly smoothly without any problems on the same connection and driver.

Thanks for any help given.

P.S excuse the thread typo High-end, sorry.

Vsync was enabled in the nvidia control panel.


Level 8
Is it possible, sure. Is it likely, no. Did you try enabling VSYNC in the Nvidia display menu and making sure the refresh rate was set to its highest setting? Try this and let us know the results. Also please make sure to show us the video. I think it would help quite a bit to see what you are seeing.
Hi, I have now retired from ASUS support, please refer problems to current @ASUS/cl- usernames.

Level 8
From your video, I saw a slight stutter in the beginning, but I didn't see much else. Try turning Vsync off and changing the video settings in-game to the lowest settings and then check. Make sure you are letting the application control these settings and not forcing the graphics in the Nvidia control panel. Also, what FPS are you getting before and after the stutter? Were you using default display card settings?
Hi, I have now retired from ASUS support, please refer problems to current @ASUS/cl- usernames.

What program can I use (that's free) to record my fps during gaming.

Level 8
FRAPS of course!
Hi, I have now retired from ASUS support, please refer problems to current @ASUS/cl- usernames.

Level 14
you have fraps. msi afterburner and loads more that i dont remember as of now.

Fraps requires purchase..

Never mind my comment above, I have fraps now and I noticed that when my game stutters, the frames usually drop by anywhere between 7-13 frames. Would you like to see footage?

Level 14
that would be the game it self and the load on the server.
in bf4 when you get frame drops. look up right and see if you get framedrops ( the square boxes ).
or is some thing happens like "levolution".