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Mafia III

Level 40
A word to the wise...

Don't get this game...not until it's seriously reduced in price and/or seriously patched and optimized for PC.

There are quite a few positive reviews out there on the bought and paid for sites that praise the sociological value of this if that was somehow important.
These reviews totally gloss over the fact that this game is in a terrible state and truly boring. Needs serious work and patching...probably more patching than 2K can be bothered to do...


Would you kindly update the first post when you think it's okay to get the game (ie if seriously been patched + optimized for PC)?
Thanks. Also loved Mafia 2.

Mafia 3 is full of glitches but sometimes those glitches can bring more entertainment anyway. Besides, it's better than Mafia 2.

I get where where the youtube guy is coming from and I got a good chuckle out of it. Despite, I personally quite much enjoyed Mafia III but it still might be a good idea to wait until it's PC optimized.