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Low FPS and latency Issues

Level 7
I am currently experiencing less than normal fps when playing WoW as well as STWOR. I am also having issues with gradual latency increase which sometimes result in decreased game play and/or kicks/Dc's from the games themselves. I know it is not an internet issue since I am not experiencing this problem on other devices. In regards to the low frame rates, I know there is a performance issue because I am receiving higher in game performance from a less adequate system. All drivers are up-to-date and besides these issues the system works fine. If anyone has any help information on how to resolve these issues it would be greatly appreciated. Below there is list of hardware that I believe would cause this problem if it was faulty. If additional hardware needs to be added please let me know.
Thank you,
The Brofessor

Intel 4930K
Asus Rampage Iv Black
32 GB g-skill 1866Mhz DDR3
Asus Direct CUII GTX 780 x2
Windows 7 64

Level 14
how are you connected to internet?
between pc and modem that is.

I am having these issues both wired and wireless. Also one thing to note, my latency starts off fine but as I engage in combat, especially in battlegrounds, my latency gradually begins to creep up

Level 14
is there more then one pc on the net whit you?

download this app called throttlestop it keeps FPS from falling. worked for me.

Level 8
Try a internet speed test and let us know the results by posting a screenshot. Next, try a game in offline mode and check to see if the FPS are dipping there as well. How are the temps in the system? May I have the CPU, MB, GPU temps please?
Hi, I have now retired from ASUS support, please refer problems to current @ASUS/cl- usernames.