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Looking for a gaming headset compatible with PS4 and PC

Level 7
Hey guys, I am looking for a new headset that is compatible with both PS4 and pc. I currently own the turtle beach p12 which is a very good headset, but its starting to break. So, I am looking for a replacement that is compatible for both (PC and PS4). I need it for pc because I'm gonna start recording youtube videos on the new elgato I just bought. The headset has to be under 100$ (but if there's a headset on sale that is very good quality at like 150$, you may list it). Thank You very much for your time in looking and answering this question. Much appreciated. You may list as many headsets as you want, and your personal preferences of headsets, all comments are greatly appreciated.


Nate152 wrote:
Hi IraCruz

I have the plantronics gamecom 380.

I haven't used this headset but it has good reviews from amazon.

Thank you for your suggestion. I tried to google that HyperX Cloud you posted and I found on the results that most of the review sites online ranked it as their best recommended gaming headset (one of the reviews I've seen:, it is also within my budget so I guess this is really the perfect headset I am looking for. This is the top candidate for now but I will still wait for other recommendations until the weekend, so any other suggestions are still welcome.

I use AKG headphones with uni-directional modmic 4.0 which friends say gives a crystal clear communication at their end.

However, my friend has just bought Hyper Cloud II and He says it's the best headset he has ever used.

He is very impressed with the inline DAC.

In addition, he has no problems wearing them for hours at a time when doing long online gaming sessions - very comfortable😀

His comms are absolutely crystal clear at my end.

At the current price you get good quality gear for a steal😀

If I didn't have my current setup the Hyper Cloud II would be top of my shopping list.👍