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League of Legends ROG Team? Lets make one!

Level 7
Hey, I love playing League of Legends. Started just as season one ended.I wanted to see if we could get a team together and start representing ROG. Sounds good right? Beat and win in season three. Seems legit. Just need players to represent with. Any takers? Just post a reply on this thread with your summoner name, skype info. (yes Skype, vent and teamspeak are better but lets just start with skype) and just a basic email address I can get so that we can create a schedual that fits everyone to practice in and send it out. NA servers only. Summoner level 30 only. Please have at least two full rune pages and be able to play all positions. Also, looking for experienced rank players. All areas of play and elo will be taken into account. Preferably an average elo of 1200+ would be nice. I personally stream under my old teams name LMVG SuperBubblesMan at However, the team disbanded a while back. Thanks for taking a quick look. Hope to see some posts 😄

Level 7
awwwww, no reply........... I am a sad panda... whoever said it does not hurt to try lied.

i'm around 1250 rating (solo queue) at the moment, i've been as high as 1380 recently..

Motherboard Asus ROG Rampage IV Formula x79
CPU Intel i7 4820k Ivy Bridge-E @ 4.6ghz
GPU(s) 3 WAY SLI -- EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature (2GB)
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Level 7
The sindorei is my league name.
I may not have a space in it but I would be more then down to make a team !

I'm in
summoner name: shakuganTV
level: 30
skype: shakuganTV
Actual team: TODK= the order of the dark knight
ELO: 1153
ranked games played: 40
runes: 4 pages full
i play since season 1 started 🙂

Level 7
Cool I sent you all invites

ive never played league of legends so i think i will try it out

League of Legends is the number one played PC game in the world. It has passed Star Craft already. By all means get into it. At least try it. I personally love it. Its a really fun game.

Level 12
passed starcraft? dunno about that
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Level 7
Ill join, but my ELO this season is pretty low since I lend the account to a friend of mine because I didn't think I'd play again. Then I tryed Ezreal and it all changed... (I'm a pretty good ADC player. If you want to add my NA character it's DoooMAR).