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Level 7
My internet contract is coming to an end, my previous provider (plusnet) gave me about 5mbs download speeds, even though my internet speed tests showed 20-30mbs and I've been paying for 40mbs, does anyone have suggestions on a new internet provider, thanks.

Level 10
You may want to start with telling us where you are, so people can give you suggestions.

Here on LI, New York I have FIOS. I must admit Verizon customer service is not that great, you seemingly get workers hired to work from their basements and read a script. I had to call 5 times to get the offer I wanted but now they've made it easier to do online. I have 100/100 speedmatch which nets me around 101-102 down and 112 up (abouts). Paying roughly $78 a month.
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can you not get any of the fiber where you are from Virgin/BT as both have been expanding there networks?