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Installing games on other partitions without the OS

Level 7
Hey guys,

I just got a 750JH and it awesome and I just installed Assassin´s Creed black flag to test it out, but I have an issue. This laptop comes with two SSD each of 125 gb, one of them has the OS and only about 40 gb of free space. I'm used to installing everything in the C drive either in program files or program files X86, but just one game would fill all the space left on that drive. I was reading some forums and seems it's ok to install softwares and games in other drives. I managed to launch the game but it was too slow. I mean the initial animation on the game runned very poorly on my laptop and I´m sure this laptop is absolutely capable of handling this game in top settings. I played some more and couldn't stand the slow movements.

By the way I installed the game on the HDD not on the other SSD. Could anyone help me out here telling me what the issue might be.


Level 13
limitation of the HDD transfer speed.
if you're used to SSD, that's like 300-500 MB/sec.

a standard HDD @7200 RPM (the most common one), is like 20-35 MB/sec.
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It's not that I'm used to SSD, this is my first time with a PC that has an SSD. All my life I've played on HDD and it was fine up unitl now. I don't know if that's the issue here, but I'll check that out. Another problem is that I installed it via ubisoft and I have no idea how to move the install directory of a game that' already installed without having to unistall it and the download all the 22+ gb again. Tried to cut and paste and didn't work.

Thanks for your reply

Hi Haihane,

Nevermind, seems I just solved the issue. This laptop performs really poorly when just on the battery, I plugged it in and the difference is like night and day.

Regards and thanks for your help

Level 13
do you happen to be able to extract the installpath?
@ regedit that is.

if you know it's only a matter of editing the installpath in regedit.
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Level 13
okay :).

have a good day.
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I do that all the it works just fine, you can even install your games on a portable hd..
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If it's performing drastically better on battery it's your power profile settings. By default windows will switch to balanced or power saving mode when on battery. The assumption is that if you're on battery you want to extend the up time of the system so it throttles everthing from CPU to hard drive and wifi. You can of course just flip it back to high performance or change the settings in those profiles. Look through the power option settings and you'll be surprised how much you can customize them.