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How to underclock "MORE" for GL704GM to decrease Temp of CPU?

Level 7
I have a GL704GM-EV032T, GTX1060.

The issue is when gaming Witcher3, Sniper Ghost 3, Far CRy, laptop temp exceeds to 90deg, max of 97deg.

1st Scenario:
I installed throttlestop and use -95mv which is the safest for my laptop, but it looks like nothing happens. The maximum underclock voltage is -115mV. When I get to a more lower voltage, I get a blue screen.

Question: Is there a way to use a -120mV or much lower voltage for my CPU to increase the reduction of temp heat in my CPU? Some can actually set their CPU upto -150mV or lower.

2nd Scenario:
If using -115mV in throttlestop, then run MSI Burner, plus open the ROG GAMING CENTER, then play, I can see a little reduction in the temp, however, I get a bluescreen often. I tried to close the MSI burner with only OPEN throttlestop plus Gaming Center, it works fine but in a longer time of playing, I get a bluescreen again. Closing all works fine without a bluescreen.

Question: Is there an issue or conflict when using both GAMING CENTER, MSI Burner, and Throttlestop?

BTW, my GPU temp is consistent from 40deg to 75deg (when at load)

As an additional information, I am now using a vacuum cooler that sucks the heat coming from my CPU exhaust fan. I also use COoler Master SF-17. These ways I can slightly reduce the temp of my laptop. But I want to try a combination of, VACUUM, COOLER MASTER, and THROTTLESTOP.


Hoping someone could give their idea about this.

Thank you and Best Regard,