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How do people feel about VR and AR now?

Level 7
So, I guess the Pokemon thing has cooled down, but it was still a fun use of augmented reality. I don't seem to hear as much about virtual reality now in gaming, how do people perceive it all? A dying trend or tech that is actually useful?

Level 9
Yes, used to shift between the PS4 VR and HTC Vive and fast found out that the PS4 VR was the looser when the HTC Vive and its clear picture was much nicer to the eyes in the long run.And now when HTC Vive also have got the Deluxe Strap its the winner for sure.Of course the price is a matter of state in this comparison but if you have to choose and not to think about the cost ... grab the HTC Vive.

I bought my Vive around a year ago. The honeymoon period lasted about 1 month then I settled down and now mainly use it for Flight Sims where its a game changer. I can no longer fly the sims just using a monitor as the VR gives you that next level of immersion. It's a match made in heaven. I do look forward to Fallout 4 VR and Skyrim VR as I'd like to experience those games in VR. As newer HMDs with higher resolutions are released, the biggest problem I foresee is that the graphics hardware is nowhere near powerful enough to run them properly. I have 2 rigs for VR, one with NVidia/Intel gear & the other with all AMD gear. Even with the 1080Ti it struggles at times to push out a true 90FPS without having to dial down the settings.

A pleasant surprise for me was how fast the all AMD rig actually is. I expected it to be slower then it turned out to be. From my own experience, Vega isn't the dog it's perceived to be. Sure it isn't a DX11 beast (my 1080Ti covers that) but it certainly gives the 1080Ti and run for it's money in DX12 & Vulkan (sometimes outperforms it). Vega feels like it still has a lot more to give performance wise.

Level 7
Think I will pass on it- think I will have neck and back probs and I see in some games you have no hands etc like Fallout 4.. If you enjoy it- cool..

Level 13
Havent tried AR but VR is just uncomfortable. I dont have sickness issues with it, I just dont like it. One HUGE factor is I do not like not being aware of whats going on around me. What happens if you have a VR headset on and something unthinkable happens and your senses are somewhere else? Call me paranoid or whatever but Im one of those people that when sitting down in a public place I always have my back to the wall. If they dont have such a table I will either wait or find another place or even make reservations in advance that specify such seating. I may be able to deal with AR but have not yet seen any place where I can try it out. VR is definitely out though. Would be nice if a wrap around monitor that mimics VR aspects was developed where you could experience the the VR without having to completely be unaware of whats going on around you as well.

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JustinThyme wrote:
What happens if you have a VR headset on and something unthinkable happens and your senses are somewhere else?

You mean like when you're asleep? lol
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Silent Scone wrote:
You mean like when you're asleep? lol

Justin doesn't sleep; he waits for Exhaustion to give up and go away. :cool:
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