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headset out of juice while gaming? solution

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Maybe this is common practice among gamers, little do i know

But if the recharging cable is very short like mine, its impossible to connect to the USB port and continue the game

Solution: When the headset alarm goes off, plug in a smartphone powerbank and keep it on the table or in the lap and continue to game

I thought about this yesterday, and it works great


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If you have to connect the cable with the headphones then why not just use the sound cable directly instead of power bank? The positive use of this can be when you are walking or driving and using the wirless headphones.

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I would have to be sitting behind the PC and game, the sound cable is only 50cm
This would cause practical problems, I wouldn't be able to see the monitor
The power bank tenporary solution worked great for me anyway
PS: This headset sux, I don't even know if it's possible to connect a sound cable and override the battery function
Is it?

Level 40

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The Arne humor. ))

good morning Arne


Rockford wrote:
good morning Arne

Mornin' !

Breakfast of champions I see :cool:

I bought a super cheapo set of Sennheiser 12 euros open box on Amazon...HD201 they are.
I bought them while I looked for a "good" pair...I still have them going strong and haven't bothered looking for anything else...

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Next time i am buying a headset it will be with a cord instead, its less hassle

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Astro A50 have ok sound quality (speakers) but the build quality seem to be very cheap
First the padded Astro plate on top came off after 6 months, its held in place with two weak plastic latches
Then it was the volume wheel one year later, volume jumping up and down (bad connection)
I have always taken good care about the headset, no abuse

Its like my favorite gaming mouse, RAT 7, its a damn good FPS mouse if you ask me (i need maaany buttons in the right places), but the internal quality is uber tacky
I had to buy 3, 1 new and two used for spare parts, because they had a tendency to die after extensive hard gaming

quote: I bought a super cheapo set of Sennheiser 12 euros open box on Amazon...HD201 they are

yes i know, sometimes its possible to strike gold for less