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Headphone questions.

Level 7
Hey guys,

I know this is an ASUS board, but I wanted to know what (if any) headphones everyone is using. I'm looking for a gaming (with mic) set, and there really isn't anywhere you can test them out.

Budget is $150.00 max. Want to use for online gaming and music, would like quality bass, none of that over enhanced crap.

Have seen the Logitech G930's, and the Corsair Vengeance 2100's (not spending $300 on a set of Astro A50's), people seem to have a lot of issues with the Orion Pro's, and I haven't seen a US release date for the Cerberus's.

Will be using a Formula VI MB with no additional sound-card.

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Great Quality ( based on reviews)

Same for those.
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I have Ozone Spark, earlier got Creative but they were, well nothing special, I want to buy Vulcan or Echelon, alway wanted them 🙂
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Howdy HappyBuddhaman,
For what it is worth, I was looking around for a set also. I bought Logitech H800 they are wireless with a usb transmitter and they also have Bluetooth so I have it linked to my phone when calls come in just slide the button and can talk. They are $99 new from Logitech, I got mine off of ebay for 54 bucks brand new. Have had them around six months and no issues.
As for sound the quality is pretty good bass is nice and the highs and mids are there as well.
Also I wear them for six to eight hours a day and they are comfortable and do not make my ears sweat.
If you want to go a step higher then the g930's are good but do not have Bluetooth
Hope this helps,
Happy ROG_n

Level 7
I have the g930. Great quality sound. Wireless. If battery runs low its cable is long enough to recharge while you continue playing and not hinder head movement. Programmable keys on the side. If you do not use the software (I don't) the keys allow you to pause/play, next song and previous song in iTunes by default.

Highly recommend them.. The issue I would guess is they are USB and do not go directly through the audio header.. I do not know if this uses the onboard SoundFX chips in the Maximus VI mobos or not.
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Thank for the advice.

I have considered the G930's, but I'm putting a Formula VI in my build, and have read that a USB connection won't use any features of either a sound-card or any on-board audio.

Level 7
SteelSeries Siberia V2, nice sound quality.

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beatendown wrote:
SteelSeries Siberia V2, nice sound quality.

I agree these are nice sounding
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I have these..

hooked up to..

And find them fantastic, far better than a USB headset once you get them set up.

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I trust Plantronics to make good sound and build quality headsets.

After reading some of the reviews maybe this model is not the same build quality as my old Plantronics headset was, I have a feeling profit margin is chipping away at the quality margin at most companies nowadays... sadly