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GU502GV & Oculus Rift S (USB-C - DisplayPort-Adapter) - Constant "judder"

Level 8
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I figured I'd post my question in here as well as it's VR-related - my apologies for the double-post.

I'm trying to use my Oculus Rift S with my newly purchased GU502GV.
There's some sort of a constant "judder" present; hard to explain but it doesn't seem to be FPS-related (the Notebook is able to push 80 FPS most of the time).

I've read in other Forums / postings that the USB-C/DP-combo port might notbe "hard-wired" to the RTX 2060, but to the Intel HD instead...
Checked the NVIDIA CPL and it seems like that's the case indeed, unfortunately:

Task-Manager / GPU-Performance does show constant RTX 2060 (GPU1) use whenever I'm in VR / running VR-apps so I guess it's being "accessed / used" in some way.

I guess my question would be:
Does anybody know whether the GU502GV's USB-C/DP-port is "hard-wired" to the Intel-Chip and, if so, whether there's some sort of a workaround to get rid of the judder? Could it be an issue with the converter-box I'm using? (rated as 4k-capable)

Thanks everyone in advance & best regards

Level 8
Good news regarding USB-C -> DP - see screenshot attached.