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GTX 660M can not handle lowest settings for Battlefield 4

Level 7
Hi, I have an Asus laptop with a gtx 660m with 2 gb of ram. I am trying to play battlefield 4, but it doesn't even hit 20 fps on the lowest possible settings and resolution. I have tried defragging, using razer game booster, disabling startup programs, and closing background processes. Is this normal?

Level 7
Welcome to ROG potatopigs 🙂

Laptops Graphics Card will never work with the same speed as the graphics card on the PC. They will be always weaker.
The same situation is with CPU. Did you installed latest Drivers for your GPU. By the way is your laptop connected to the charger when you play BF4 or is working on battery?. In most cases FPS drop will be noticeable when playing on the battery. But I can be wrong in these cases so maybe wait for answer someone more experienced than me.
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Level 10
The 660M is much weaker than the standard 660, which is in turn weaker than the 760. The 660M is more like the GT 640.
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