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Grand Theft Auto - Game powerful attraction

Level 7
Grand Theft Auto is an exciting Action Game and published on Jan 23rd, 2013 and has been played 1,579,593 times and has a rating of 84% after 19491 votes.
You're tired of being a normal staff who takes routine work everyday. It makes you sick to commute between home and company. You want to do something different. Then one day, you hear that new virus of Sun Umbrella Corporation has been developed successfully. It occurs to you that you are to make sure the center of your life. Picking up a bundle of banknotes, you walk into the streets...

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As one of the original franchises to introduce players to open-world gameplay, GTA V reinvents the wheel again, offering players with the option of playing one of three characters that move throughout the world independently from each other. Players will jump in and out of missions as the veteran heist-man Michael, the up-and-coming criminal Franklin and the criminally insane Trevor. Rob banks, plan heists in government buildings and engage in general mayhem around the city of Los Santos in this game that challenges players to break all of the rules.
You scratch my back and i'll scratch yours