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Game Subscriptions?

Level 12
Do you guys buy games through ea, steam, Ubisoft or amazon.
I was looking at buying battlefield V but all the media points me toward buying it from ea, that’s fine it’s about the same price as anywhere else! but in order to buy it I have to subscribe monthly to ea games in order to play, what’s worse is if I unsubscribe then I no longer have the game anymore .
Now cmon? I am not going to pay ea fifty odd pounds for a game, plus 4 pounds odd a month to play it and if I leave I loose it all??
Seems I can buy it from amazon for the same price and have a digital key that I can ( I think) use on steam or Ubisoft at no extra charge.
Can any of you gamers confirm which is the best way to go on getting it and only paying once.?*

Level 40
Are you sure about the subscription Rob W.?

I think you can pay for it one off or do the subscription...just looking at Origin here. Deluxe includes some subscription trial but you still get the game AFAIK

I buy games on Steam in the sales and then don't play them 😮

One or two titles I get on Origin just because I had or two I get on Uplay...simply because if you buy them on Steam it installs Uplay anyway...

Level 7
B5 is EA's game so no matter where you get it youll have to activate it through origin anyways. if that is what your asking 😛
Ofc I think you shoudnt buy any EA games' games ^^ cause they are everything there is worng with this world 😜 and also b5 is just a shooter you can deifantely find another grand shooter on any platfrom other than origin.

Hey, I usually use Steam to by something interesting, they often offer good discounts