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G74SX-TH71 Diablo 3 Horrible FPS

Level 7
So after trying to figure this out myself for a week or two I figured I would ask for help here. I have a G74SX-TH71 and have loved it. I don't have any problems with the computer or its performance, except Diablo 3. This laptop well exceeds their recommended requirements but I cannot get more than 30-40 fps and regularly dropping into single digits. This makes the game unplayable.

After checking everything on the D3 forums and trying a myriad of fixes nothing works. My next guess would be that my GPU or CPU are overheating.

So my question at this point is what is the easiest way to track temperatures?

Also, any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you,

EDIT: I downloaded MSI Afterburner to track my GPU temp while playing. My GPU is idling at 89C. That seems high. It's even worse at 96C while playing D3. I have an extended warranty. Is this a potential warranty issue that I can get fixed?

Level 11
Welcome to the board Ezrick; core temp is what I use , not all that sure you should be ocing your laptop vga you will only cause more heat and you wont get much out of it. I would say 30-40 fps from D3 for a low powered laptop is good, Turn down your settings..
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Level 7
I am definitely not overclocking it. Just using Afterburner to track temps. If I had a constant 30-40 fps I might be ok, but I don't. If there is anything on screen at all it starts to drop and runs in single digits during most encounters. This is all at minimum settings. Everything that can be turned off is off and everything else is at the lowest settings. Dropped resolution down to 1366x768 as well.

What do you consider low powered?
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