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For Honor - A Guide to Prep you for Battle

For Honor takes you back to the medievel times where you fight for peace against Apollyon, the main villain and the leader of the Blackstone Legion who wants war between the factions. What's nice is in the campaign you get to fight as three warriors then choose which suits your fighting style for multiplayer which the game is geared towards. Playing the campaign will have you ready for the multiplayer as it shows each players special moves and combos. If you feel you need more practice after the campaign you can play it again or in the menu go to "How to play" there's practice and advanced practice which will show you things the campaign didn't and gain you 3500 in "Steel" . There are also some help videos, you must complete the campaign to play the faction war.

There are three factions, Knights, Vikings and Samurai with four classes per faction and each faction having six missions.


Vanguard - Well balanced with excellent offense and defense.
Assassins - Fast and efficient but deals less damage.
Heavies - Slow attacking but deal heavy damage, suitable for holding capture points.
Hybrids - A combination of the three and are capable of using uncommon skills.

To battle press CTRL to lock onto an enemy, this puts a white circle under his character. Guard where he's attacking and attack where he's not guarding, there are three zones to attack and guard < ^ >, attacks can come from the left, right or above. Move the mouse to guard then left click for a light attack which is faster and deals less damage or right click for a heavy attack which is slower and deals more damage. To dodge attacks use WSAD then press the space bar, you'll roll in the direction you move.

Here he is attacking from above shown in red, you guard above by moving the mouse forward shown in white.

Execution - Press Q or E, this is the final blow with a more devastating kill which earns you extra points and heals you.

Zone Attack - This can wipe out more than one or two enemies, press LMB and RMB at the same time to clear a group of enemies surrounding you. Be careful when using this as it's a long strike and leaves you open and uses alot of stamina, each character's zone attack has a different range.

Parry - This is a defensive action and can catch opponents off guard. When your opponents icon flashes red Right click in the direction of the attack, this is where timing comes into play because if you parry too soon you won't get a parry, if you parry too late you'll get hit by the opponents attack.

Guard Break - This is a kick that breaks your opponents guard and can be used after a parry or when you hit a stalemate against an enemy. Press the mouse wheel to break your opponents guard, this lets them open to lay on some real damage. If you hit the guard break again after your kick lands it'll send the enemy to the ground giving you plenty of time to give them a blow while they're getting up.

Feint - This a fake attack to throw your enemy off guard and slip in an attack they're not expecting. To use a feint, attack with a heavy attack then press E to cancel, this will allow you to change your attack while your opponent is still waiting for the heavy attack. Here is the perfect opportunity to land a few light attacks or a heavy attack in a different direction before they have time to recover.

Revenge - This is useful when you're overwhelmed by enemies. By playing defense (guarding and parrying) your Revenge meter fills up, it's shown by the fist at the bottom left of the screen. When it is full press the R key, your character will glow orange and give you a slight boost in power and speed.

Unblockables - Are unblockable attacks that can be dealt with by dodging, parrying or interupting the unblockable attack, you'll learn these in the campaign.

You have a health and a stamina bar, when you run out of stamina the screen fades color, your attacks become slower and you can't sprint. You must retreat to let it fully recharge, when you run out of health you die. There are pick ups around the map that help you do things, one is fire arrows you can use to destroy targets or shoot flaming arrows at enemies.

Steel - This is the currency in For Honor and what you use to buy things such as gear, executions, other characters and more. To maximize steel rewards, on the multiplayer screen players should activate Orders, there are three types of orders, Daily, Contract and Event. Orders have a specific requirement and lets players know if it can be completed in player matches or against AI. Completing the Order rewards Steel and Renown XP with more difficult challenges giving you more, Steel can also be purchased with real money.

Feats - Are like perks, as you level up your character you'll unlock higher feats up to tier 4, you'll unlock these feats as you gain "Renown Experience".

Breakables - These are white clay pots scattered around the map and you break them with your sword, you'll be rewarded with steel, emblems and more. You'll also get bonus points at the end of each campaign mission for breaking these.

Observables - Like breakables these are white eyes scattered around the map and you interact with them by pressing O, it gives you commentary that tells you a little more about the story. You'll get bonus points for finding these and an achievement if you find them all in the campaign. There are quite a few of these in each mission so be sure to explore the maps well.

5 tips to staying alive.

1) Try to engage only one enemy at a time, the smaller AI enemies don't do much damage so pay attention to the bigger enemies that have a health and stamina bar.
2) Play good defense by guarding well.
3) Keep an eye on your stamina, you're easily knocked down when it drains to 0.
4) When your health gets low recharge, it will take a little time until you can use it again.
5) If you see an ally in a duel run over and help him, two on one is easier than one on one.

While the campaign I thought was good, multiplayer is the heart and soul of For Honor and is unique, this is where you take all your practice from the tutorials and campaign and put it to the test. The war takes place over rounds and seasons with a round lasting two weeks, at the end of a round players who participated win rewards based on performance of their faction. There are five rounds in a season meaning a season lasts ten weeks, at the end of the season players get rewards based on their factions standing.

Duels - One vs. One, it's just you and your weapon against one player, matches are the best out of five rounds.

Brawls - Like duels but two vs two, if your partner falls you're fighting two players which is much harder to deal with.

Deathmatch: Elimination and Skirmish

Elimination - Four vs four and the best of five rounds, the last player standing wins the round for their team.

Skirmish - Is based on the odds of a fight, it's four vs four with one on one kills earning your team more points than four on one kills.

Dominion - These matches are four vs. four with AI thrown into the fight. You battle for control on certain areas of the map, capturing these areas and killing enemy soldiers earns you points. Matches end with a breaking period like skirmish where one team can't respawn but the break can be broken by getting your opponent's points back below 1000.

There is alot to learn and I just covered the basics, it gives you a bunch of tips while maps are loading which could help give you that edge to victory. Ubisoft did a great job with this game, it's not a button masher and requires some skill, fast reflexes and timing and will take a good while to completely master. If you like sword fighting games you'll like this one.

Here is the final Samurai mission before heading to multiplayer.

The game looks and performs great, I play at 1440p with the game settings to maximum and antialiasing disabled. With v-sync enabled it keeps a constant 60 FPS in the campaign and multiplayer.

Specs while playing For Honor:

Maximus VIII Formula
6700k - 4.6GHz
Strix 1070 OC'd with GPU Tweak II
Kingston HperX Predator 16GB 3000MHz 15-15-15-35-2T
W.D. Velociraptor 300GB
PCP&C Turbo cool 1200w
Koolance ERM-2K3U cooler

Monitor - HP ZR30w


Level 13
Thanks for all your efforts on this guide, I really enjoyed reading it. Good game play videos as well 🙂

Level 40
Nice guide Nate!

Combat looks a little lacklustre?....or maybe that's you 😮

Hi Arne,

Haha yeah it's definitely me.

The combat system is pretty good, while it's easy to know what to do it takes some practice to get it down which I haven't yet.

Level 40
hehe sorry buddy couldn't resist :o....sure it takes some learning. I'd be a whloe lot worse no doubt...good of you to do the vids!

Level 12
Nice work Nate,it's another that I will be interested in.