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For anybody that uses a DS4 controller.

Level 7

pearmanenterprises = eBay name

Cheep, super fast shipping. MATTE or GLOSS black

Level 7
Wow this pretty cool! I'll probably be ordering some myself! Do you happen to use "DS4 Windows" to connect your DS4 to PC? If you do then you might already know this but in the profile settings you can change the DS4 Lighting to pretty much any color you want and even turn it completely off.

Too bad my launch day controller is retired due to bad R1 and R2 buttons because switching it the lightbar to red along with these would look pretty awesome, or even green, if you've fancy Nvidia GPU's. I also have the Playstation Anniversary Classic Grey DS4 but it barely lasted a month! Everything works but the L3 button requires that I mash in my left joystick just to get my character to sprint in a lot of games that I play L3 is the default sprint. Right now I'm using the Uncharted 4 Edition Blue-Grey(?) DS4 and though the controller itself is probably my favorite version of the DS4 in terms of looks, the Blue-Grey doesn't really look all that great with a red or green lightbar. White is probably the best-looking color setting for the lightbar so I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it looks on my DS4 or try my luck at taking my 2 semi-working controllers to GameStop and trading them in for a brand new black one. (This method hasn't failed me yet and GS actually gives you a decent trade-in value towards them if you choose the credit over the cash. Two controllers will pretty much pay for a new one on their own.)