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Favorite Games Of All-Time

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Hey everyone,
As stated in the title, which are your's? 🙂
First game I played was Contra on Commodore 64 😛 Continued on from there to a PC, I started playing Fifa 97 then C&C: Red Alert, year by year Fifa title's and I met my match with Dead Space, Singularity & DOOM. Those are my top 3 so far 🙂

Wolfenstein, not sure what version or any of that, but it was prehistoric like pac man. It gave me the gaming bug.
I have to say, though an older game, My favorite is "HALF-LIFE". I have an old box of games here in the garage. Now I am thinking of breaking it out.

Command and conquer Generals: Zero Hour
Battlefield 2. Still relevant!
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (killed too soon)

ah its really hard to decide but if i have to choose like 5-10 games i am a FPS and TPS gamer i play mostly fps and tps games

Half Life All series 1-2 episodes
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Counter Strike 1.6 / GO / Source /
Duke Nukem 3D atomic Edition
Freedom Fighters (TPS)
Max Payne (all series)
tomb raider underworld
tomb raider new gen series (2013 / Rise Of Tomb Raider / Shadow Of Tomb Raider )
GTA Series of Course Vice City / San Andreas / 4 / 5 /

this games i listed abowe are changed my life in many different ways some good and some bad ... ah thoose old days

Video games are now entertaining, relieving stress for everyone after hours of study and hard work.
Do you want to play online for Free? The game They are your best choice.
These games give you the ability to play the genres you want, from adventure, action, to cooking and sports ...

My favorite game is League of Legends, I have been playing it for a long time, and I really like it. I have a choice to start making money. I am thinking about taking part in the TFT tournament, for this I bought myself a Lol smurf account here, as for me it will be a very good chance to prove myself.

I can play flappy bird any day no matter how old I become! I just love its simplicity yet being so addictive.

JabaJava wrote:
My first game. It was Mafia. It just blew my mind. It was really cool at the time. Then when I got a better computer. I bought Mafia 2. It was a great quality back then. I played it all day long. And now I decided to buy Mafia 3. Because it was discounted . And I want to say. I'm completely satisfied with it. But the truth is the story is not the same. Vito's long gone. Although they could have made a sequel with him in it. That's okay. It's still a very interesting game. Maybe someone has also played these games?

I have purchased Mafia: Definitive Edition last year from Steam. I played it for a bit and I do like the games storyline. Awesome graphics with ray-tracing.

The list of my games is long enough. Recently, I have been increasingly playing at The Witcher, Counter Strike, Dota2, online poker and I think the time has come not only to play, but also to make money.

Level 8
Mostly MMO's:


World of Warcraft
Classic F2P games from mid 2000's
" The speed of the fallen one does not change..."


Favorite game of all time??? Gosh, to me that is impossible to decide as there are soo many classics out there.

Some of my favorites though would be

Super Mario World
Mario 64
Goldeneye 007
Virtual Racer (Genesis)
Road Rash (3D0)
Viewtiful Joe
TMNT (Arcade)
Parasite Eve 2
Fear Effect 1 and 2
Legend of Zelda OoT
Burnout 3 and Revenge
Gran Turismo 2
Halo and Halo 2
Uncharted series
Half Life 1 and 2

there are a ton more, the point is these were all my favorites at one point in time, and still are games that no other have been able to replicate/duplicate. These are all classics that in my opinion revolutionized the gaming world in their own way.