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Fallout 4 Compatibility Thread

Level 7
Figured it might be nice to have this thread around for folks curious.

Asus g750 i7 2.4ghz 32gigs ram 880m nvidia win8.1 64bit
. Game recommends low settings. I've left that as be but maxed the laptop resolution to 1980 and turned textures up to ultra. The game will not run fullscreen, stays at black screen indefinitely but runs smooth as butter windowed+borderless.

Level 7
My stats are listed under my user name. My frame rate is to high for this game. Over built pc for this game. I run the game on ultra on a asus swift 1440p @144.

Had to go back and limit my FPS to 73 so i didnt get stuck at terminals and play the game in high speed mode... My FPS in game was a solid 120 - 144 and over 2k fps at the terminals.

Overall i think its a bad port over from the consoles.

Update. Same laptop, same specs as in OP, once I realized that in closed environments with heavy lighting I'm going to see fps drops no matter what I just started turning on options. Current settings :

Antialiasing : Max
Anistropic Filtering : Max
Resolution : 1920/1080
Texture Quality : Ultra
Shadow Quality : Low
Shadow Distance : Medium
Decal Quality : Ultra
Lighting Quality : Medium
Godrays : Off
Depth of Field : Bokeh
Ambient Occlusion : Max
All options in View Distance : 50%
Distant Object Detail : Medium
Object Detail Fade : Medium

60fps steady most of the time, dips a bit in inclosed spaces to the mid 40's such as Vault 81 and some of those raider warehouses the Minutemen send you in on.