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eyefinity stretches desktop?!?

Level 7
so the only use for eyefinity is stretched desktop? i thought the whole idêa behind "grouped displays" was that you could actually read on the 2 separate displays then game in the middle and if you so should choose to you could change the resolution in the game to be eyefinity to game on all 3?

i have 3 monitors on a 7970 DirectCU II, and the eyefinity is just a mess. cant create an eyefinity group with availability to have 3 separate work uses ( 1 program on each monitor) instead of stretched.

start menu all the way to the left, while the clock is all the way to the right. if i do change the taskbar to the middle screen. the whole screen (eyefinity mode) is still stretched.

can i change the eyefinity to grouped "triple monitor" display? or is it stretched forever?

i tried gaming world of warcraft with eyefinity but the side monitors were in zoom mode...

Level 12
wide·screen gam·ing fo·rum (wsgf):
go here to answer all of your qustions ->
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