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EVE Online 1M SP(Skill Points) best and oldest MMORPG 30k+online

Level 7

Hello everyone. If any of you wanna try or wish to test EVE Online here is a referal link that will give you 1 million Skill Points after creating the account through the referal link :

Belive me this SP worth, they are couple of months of training skills if you don`t want to go for Omega account. Training skills in EVE is measured in real life time so to be able to fly more advanced ships you will need some time to be able to advance.

Also if you don`t want to use the referal link you can create a new account here without any benefits :

It`s been a while since EVE Online is not a pay 2 play game now is free to play but you don`t have access to all the features if you don`t go for Omega account. But it worth to test it, you will love the game.

Also i would advise you to keep those SP, in case you like the game, until you decide what would you prefer to do in game like mining, ratting(hunting pirates), PVP, PVE etc there are a lot you can choose. And when you decided what you want to do and you need some skills to boost that and increase your income you can use them to make a jump and a nice improve for you. Also if you need some guidance i`m not that experimented but i can help you when i`m online add me Soare or CrazyPanda as friend or send me an email something. Make use also of the Rookie Help Channel you are in it from the start and you will find nice people there willing to help you with any question even to find a corporation where you can find more players to grind with and offer you knowledge and guidance.


Level 7

IF you want a NULL SEC main faction corp/alliance mail me on Soare (search for Exact Tems and Conditions) or CrazyPanda and i will introduce you to recruting channel based on your nation or native language.

o/ Fly Safe