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EA Anti Cheat blocks Asus Armory Crate

Level 9

Housten, we have a problem^^
EA has changed its Anti Cheat and since then there are problems with your Armory Crate. Games that use the new EA Anti Cheat, such as Battlefield 2042, cause the PC to restart when exiting the game.
The forums at EA are filling up, EAHelp tickets are not answered and this for over half a year now (7-8 months). EA is letting its loyal paying customers down!

An EA employee has now commented on the problem and claims that your Asus software/driver (Asus Armory Crate) can be used to manipulate EA Games. EA writes that we should uninstall your software/drivers lol. Unfortunately we Asus motherboard buyers need this software for watercooling control, LED lights, mouse, sound and so on.

Since we have given up hope for help from EA, I am trying to ask for your help on behalf of everyone who is having problems. Can you change your Asus Armory Crate so that we can play EA games again where the new EA Anti Cheat has been introduced. We know it's not really your job, but unfortunately we don't know who else to turn to. If you could help us somehow that would be great.