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Disabling Intel Integrated Graphics and still using NVidia Control Panel

Level 7
This is my first post on the forums and I've become slightly annoyed with the fact that while trying to stream League of Legends on my Asus G46V Laptop using OBS I've run into a couple problems with the Intel graphics. OBS doesn't work with dual cards/chips which is not very good because when I'm out of game instead of being able to see the window I'm using it shows a black screen if I have it set to pick up my GeForce 660m's graphics. So today I thought, "I can just disable to integrated graphics and then I can have everything run on my 660m". I did that and yes it made my stream look amazing, I could let my viewers (normal viewer) watch my window that I'm using and no longer had to use a glitch to allow monitor mode to work (which also caused black frames to happen often). I loaded up league then hopped into a custom to test it out when I got a directX issue from LoL saying I should try upgrading my drivers. I figured since GeForce experience wasn't working I'd go online and download the drivers manually. My drivers were up to date. So I tried to open NVidia Control Panel and got an error saying that I "did not have any monitors with GeForce GPU connected to it, which I knew had to be untrue.

I've now re-enabled my integrated graphics and no longer can use window mode on my OBS. What I was wondering is... Is the any possible way to disable my Intel graphics and still have my NVidia Control Panel still work? I'm assuming that if i can get the NCP to work with just my dedicated card enabled all other programs will fall into place.

Thanks in advance!

Level 40
Have you tried disabling onboard graphics...and then reinstalling latest Nvidia display driver for your 660m?